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French-Japanese-German Workshop on Human Centric Robotics

Du 09/06/2015 au 10/06/2015

French-Japanese-German Workshop  On Human Centric Robotics

Institut Français - Munich

The objective of the workshop is to review the state-of-the-art in this domain. Recent robotic technology trends are toward sharing the operational space by robots operating in a collocation with humans. Factories of the future must deal with high flexibility and fast changes of the production lines. In these cases, robotic systems must work in partnership with human workers. Human workers shall program them quickly and intuitively by demonstrating the task using touch guidance and advanced techniques of imitation and machine learning. We also forecast robots as home companions to assist in daily-life frail, impaired or aging persons. In both applications the robot design, programming, and requirements must be centred and tailored to account for human constraints and needs at first priority. Recently, this challenging field of robotics research and development is termed as human-centric robotics.

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Publié le 03/05/2015