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InMOOC : Techniques inertielles pour la robotique [MOOC]
Publié le 31/01/2019 - Luc Jaulin
Description :
InMOOC is a free MOOC open to everybody. It corresponds to chapter 1 of the book "Mobile Robotics, Luc Jaulin (2015), ISTE editions". This MOOC requires strong notions in mathematics (typically those that are needed to enter engineering schools in France). It is supposed to be in English, but some videos associated to exercises are still in French.
An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is a device that measures angular rates and accelerations of a vehicule (aircraft, underwater robots, satellites, car, etc) and estimates its pose, assuming the initial state is known.
The understanding an an IMU requires several steps
(1) Build the sensors that are able to measure the angular rate and the accelerations of a body inside its own frame;
(2) Build a state equation which allows us to estimate the pose of the 3D body from the inertial measurements;
(3) Integrate these state equations using an integration algorithm (Runge-Kutta for instance);
(4) Characterize and control the integration errors
(5) Make the the fusion with other sensors (DVL, cameras, etc) using an observer (Kalman filter).
This MOOC mainly focuses on point (2).

Mots clés :
Centrale Inertielle, IMU, Robot, Mooc